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SCI engineers truly integrated, site-specific security systems for commercial and industrial environments.

Security Solutions


SCI offers Integrated Security Management Solutions, incorporating state-of-the-art software and equipment. SCI can provide a variety of solutions and services for your business.

Access Control Solutions

SCI deploys state-of-the-art security software solutions developed by leading manufacturers in the industry. Integrated security solutions can interface to traditional and IP video, intrusion and network alarm, visitor management, and ID management packages. SCI has experience providing systems from stand-alone single door access control solutions to enterprise systems that allow management of cardholders, readers, and alarm points for campus-type environments or geographically remote locations

Video Management Solutions

SCI was one of the first security system integrators to incorporate video as part of a total security solution for our clients. SCI provides video management systems that can be integrated components of your security network. Video can enhance access control and alarm monitoring events.

ID Management Solutions

In today's environment ID management has never been more crucial. Integrated security software solutions allow centralized management of employee information. Open architecture design provides centralized management and integration of information from multiple sources such as human resources, payroll, debit card services, and security. One credential can be used for all of these applications allowing you the ability to supervise ID management for one or more facilities from one centralized location


Duress and Mass Notification Solutions

Manage panic alarms and mass notification from a centralized and integrated approach.  SCI provides  Facility-wide, Network-based, Duress and Emergency Notification Systems to integrate emergency alarms instantly with alerts to PC's with 'Pop-ups,' text messages to cell phones, pager input, email messages, and text to voice annunciation over phone and public address systems.  Panic alarms tie into desktop, USB, network, and wireless panic buttons, in addition to connecting existing alarm inputs.  Installing a panic alarm has never been so simple or affordable.


High Assurance for Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)

SCI works with Customers that require a HSPD-12 FIPS 201 mandated and compliant platform.  High Assurance solutions leverage the features of PIV and PIV-I credentials, assuring strong (multi-factor) authentication and certificate management.  SCI provides and supports equipment and software that is GSA Approved and Certified, compliant with the www.idmanagement.gov approved products, including the requirement for High Assurance Certificate Verification at the door via the Federal Bridge.


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